“Supply chains compete, not companies”- Martin Christopher”

Supply Chain has emerged as one of the few business functions which can drive down costs and assist in improving the financial health of an organization. Team AVARTAN in association with Chain 2 Excellence(C2X) – Operations Club of NITIE, Mumbai presents STRATEGEM, The Supply Chain Challenge.

Strategem is an amalgamation of Supply Chain Management and Business Strategy. It seeks to unearth sound strategies and feasible solutions to problems that affect the Supply Chain of most of the modern organizations. The solutions need to be robust and implementable.

Strategem comprises 2 rounds. All the participants are requested to abide by the following rules:

1.Each team can have a maximum of 3 participants and a minimum of 2.
2.A person can be a part of one team only.
3.All the participants should belong to the same institute.
4.Any number of teams can participate from one institute.
5.All teams are required to register only through dare2compete.
6.The decisions of the organizers of the contest will be final and binding on all the participants.

Note: Free transportation*(reimbursements), accommodation & food will be provided to the campus round finalists.

Competition Format:
STRATEGEM comprises 2 rounds.

First Round: Online case submission
This will be a supply chain strategy case to be solved in a day. The case will have 3 parts, consisting of 3 different problems, sent to the participants across the day. Participants will have to analyze all the 3 parts of the given problem and provide strategies for an efficient and effective supply chain.

Selected teams based on the case evaluation will move to the second i.e. campus round.

Second round (Campus Round): Offline simulation event (NITIE-Mumbai)
Top 6 teams will lock horns at the campus for the ultimate round of STRATEGEM. This offline simulation round will test your supply chain knowledge and problem-solving ability but more importantly whether you can stay calm at difficult times and deliver for your organization – Just like a Supply Chain Leader.

Prizes worth: INR 60,000 + CSCA Certifications from ISCEA(INR 83,500 each) to winning team

Important Dates

2 Oct'18, 3:00 PM IST: Registration Deadline
2 Oct'18, 6:00 PM IST: Round 1
4 Oct'18, 12:00 AM IST: Round 1 Results
24 Oct'18, 12:00 AM IST: Campus Round

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Goldy Khurana , 7988237703