Sparsha is a perfect amalgamation of business and social responsibility, an initiative of students to bring the socially relevant projects of NGO’s and the CSR projects of the industry on one rostrum and give them a fortuity to present their wonderful initiatives in front of eminent corporate jury members who witness the future endeavor of the society and award the best project in each category i.e. CSR and NGO.

NGO Project
This contest is a bid to provide NGOs a forum to showcase their projects in front of corporate jury. Through the years various NGOs like Vimala Sadan, Asha Kiren Foundation, Each One Teach One, Art Of Living, Susrut Eye Foundation came and presented their projects in Sparsha. .

CSR Project
Corporates display their humanitarian work through their CSR projects to raise awareness about various issues that they are focusing on and portray their sustainability measures.