“Great companies are built on great products” - Elon Musk

In the age of digitization, how have the rules and mantras of the old marketing masters changed – are Kotler’s 4 Ps passé now?

Team Avartan in association with Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited presents Launchpad, The Marketing Case Challenge. It brings an opportunity to turn a brand around with current and new age marketing fundas presented by students from top B-schools of India.

This year’s problem will be revolving around designing a Go To Market Strategy for ‘On-Demand Fuel’ Segment, that ultimately caters to Customer Convenience.

All participants are requested to abide by the following rules:
1.Each team can have maximum 3 participants and minimum 2.
2.All the participants should belong to the same institute.
3.A person can be a part of one team only.
4.Any number of teams can participate from one institute.
5.Students from both first year and second year can participate
6.The decisions of the organizers of the contest will be final and binding on all the participants.

Important Dates
16 Oct'18, 11:59 PM IST: Registration Deadline
18 Oct'18, 11:59 PM IST: Final Round Shortlist
26 Oct'18, 10:00 AM IST: National Finals

Arpit Garg , 7597722491
Uddipto Chakraborty - , 9900638357